Euro Top Mattress vs. Pillow Top

Comparison of Euro Top mattress and Pillow Top.

There is an art to buying mattresses, and it is a delicate art. There are millions of different options that are similar, and while shopping, you might even have to learn a whole new language!

The appearance of the pillow top or euro top mattress is such that it could leave an observer mesmerized. In this article, we would explain and look at all the differences between euro top and pillow top mattresses.

Both mattresses possess a comforting extra layer of padding. What makes the difference is their manner of attachment to each mattress.

What is the Euro Top Mattress?

Euro top mattress on bed in the room.

The euro top mattress is made up of soft and supportive materials. It has an additional layer of padding which is sewn to cover the entire surface of the mattress, creating a stacked uniform look. The extra layer is fixed to the mattress, and it flushes down the side of the mattress.

Let’s Talk About Pillow Top Mattress?

Pillow top mattress on bed in the room.

The pillow top mattress possesses a comfortable additional soft layer atop the mattress. These kinds of mattresses have two parts, the pillow top section and the support section, which is made up of supporting and spring coils. Pillow top edges are usually not in alignment with the edges of the actual mattress, giving it an illusion of a big pillow resting on the mattress.

Euro Top vs Pillow Top mattress Comparison Table

Having highlighted the main features of the Euro top and the Pillow top mattress, now, what is the difference between pillow top and euro top?

The Euro Top mattress has no flap, there is no indentation between the extra layer and the base layer of the mattress The Pillow Top mattress has a flap and there is an indentation/gap between the extra layer and the base layer of the mattress.
The edges are supportive because of the alignment with the mattress edge The edges are not supportive because of the lack of alignment with the mattress edge.

Advice For Choosing

Both the Euro top or pillow top mattress has an additional layer of padding on the base layer of the mattress to make your bed feel softer. When it is time to decide Euro top vs pillow top, the difference between the two is mostly in the areas of cosmetic and feel. We have highlighted factors to consider when choosing a Pillow top or euro top mattress.

  1. Motion transfer: Euro Tops are thicker and better at motion transfer, thus they should be a go-to option for anyone who frequently changes positions.
  2. Edge Support: Euro Tops are quite supportive at the edge, thus if you are the type that needs edge support, this is for you. A Pillow Top is less supportive around the edge.

Pros and Cons of the Euro Top Mattress


  • It has a cleaner appearance as its edges are flushed with the mattress
  • It has a solid supportive edge


  • It does not contour the body effectively
  • It is more expensive compared to the pillow top

Pros and Cons of the Pillow Top Mattress


  • It gives the sleeper a soft feeling, and also reliefs pressure
  • It is helpful for sleepers who sleep in the middle and do not need much edge support.


  • It is prone to losing shape or sagging over time
  • It does not have a solid supportive edge

Difference between pillow top and euro top.


When it is time for you to choose euro vs pillow top, note that what is most important to you in bed is all that matters. Both mattresses have extra padding to enhance comfort, but if you want a mattress that is durable and more supportive, get a Euro Top. If you want a mattress that has a softer feel to it, get a Pillow Top. I hope this article was helpful for you.


Are Euro top or pillow top better for me?

Pillow Tops are better for you if you want extra comfort and a mattress with body-contouring abilities. Euro Tops are better for you if you want a durable and supportive mattress.

What type of sleepers should use a Euro Top mattress?

Euro Tops are good for sleepers who want a firm mattress with a good supportive edge. They are of great use to side sleepers because they support the body weight.

Can you get a Pillow Top or Euro Top separately?

Yes, you can. If you want a mattress that adds plushness to your bed, you can get any one of the two separately. By so doing, you can replace it if it flattens or sags.

Can you flip a Euro top or pillow top mattress?

You cannot flip a Euro Top or Pillow Top mattress because it only has the extra pillow padding on one side of the mattress and flipping it means you will be left lying on a rigid coil support system.

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