Dr. Joseph R. Mordak

Author Dr. Joseph Robert Mordak.

I am Dr. Joseph Robert Mordak, a physician specializing in neurology, sleep disorders, and sleep medicine. I have spent years helping people make the right decisions about sleep and sleeping disorders. My colleagues and clients believe that I have an incredible knack for helping people sleep.

When I'm not working, I play golf with friends. I believe keeping fit is a fun part of life. I also enjoy listening to music and scouting up new rock bands. In fact, my friends think my obsession with rock is from another world. However, it's just something I enjoy doing.

My interest in mattresses started when I discovered I could help different people sleep better if I recommended the right mattress for them. Since then, I have been helping people make the right choices concerning sleep and mattresses.

Professional practice, Experience, and Interest

I am a qualified doctor. Professionally, I began practicing several years ago. As I worked with people, I began to discover that sleep matters a great deal more than we think. My discoveries led me to start writing about mattresses, reviewing and recommending them. Soon, I was getting more clients who needed help with their sleep. From then on till now, my commitment to helping people achieve better and more quality sleep has remained the same.

My research is simple: to find innovative ways mattress technology could help people rest better. I am of the opinion that technology can play a great role in our sleep life and enhance the future of mattresses.

My goal is to offer simple mattress education to as many as need it. I believe spending time learning about mattresses is never a waste of time. I would love to teach people about choosing the right mattresses for their specific needs.

Currently, I am working with people to help them sleep better and make better mattress choices.