Dr. James Andre Jr.

Author Dr. James Andre Junior.

I am Dr. James Andre Jr., a neurology doctor, sleep medicine, sleep psychologist. I spend a lot of time helping people overcome sleeping disorders in the easiest of ways. People I have worked with all agree that I am a good listener who wants to help you solve your problems.

When I'm not working, I'm trying to write about something, spend time with my family, or just have fun with some friends. My friends believe that I give real time to having fun and enjoying my free time. I also love to play board games and listen to music in my spare time. My friends think I'm the ideal family guy.

My interest in mattresses started with a simple inquiry into why people have sleeping disorders or have difficulty sleeping. Since then, I have given more of my time to find answers to this question.

Professional practice, Experience, and Interest

As a doctor, I get to see patients who have issues with sleeping. Some of them could not be solved by just basic prescriptions. I knew there had to be another around it. That was when I started to research sleeping disorders. In the course of my research, I discovered that the mattresses people use can contribute to sleeping disorders. Today, I can proudly say that I’m well known for giving the right and proper advice to people about the right type of mattress for their unique needs.

I am constantly researching new developments in technology that can help people achieve a better sleep life. If it could help you sleep better then I sure want to know about it. My goal is to simply offer people the right advice as regards their mattress choice. I believe more people could benefit if they had proper mattress education.

At the moment I am exploring new areas in neurology and sleep disorder. Also, I am working with others in my field on new solutions to sleep disorders.