Top-rated Down-filled Pillows

Best Down pillows.

If you like your pillow soft yet firm and malleable, the down pillow is what you should go for. A down-filled headrest is one of the best soft pillows you can ever come across. What’s more? All kinds of sleepers can use the pillows with down fillings.

You will find luxury down pillows in most hotels because hoteliers want their guests to feel comfortable. They are also one of the choicest options for the home.

If you are looking to get the down headrest, but are wary on how to go about it, we are here to make your search easier. We have researched and compiled a list of the best down-filled pillows you can find in bedding stores.

What Is a Down Pillow?

Two down-filled pillows on the bed.

These are pillows made from the fluffy cluster found beneath a goose, duck, or swan feather. The materials are very soft and extra light which gives the pillow a plush feel.

Some down fillings are made from fibers that are very similar to the natural down. Some are made with a blend of feathers, making them a bit firmer than those made with pure down.

Pros of Down Pillows

  • They are fluffy and lightweight.
  • They are luxurious yet more affordable than the other pillow types.
  • They are moldable. That makes them conform to the shape of the user’s head and neck.
  • They are machine washable.
  • They are firm and supportive.
  • The down pillows are durable.
  • They rarely give off chemical odors as opposed to pillows made from synthetic materials.

Cons of Down Pillows

  • You may need to adjust the headrest at intervals so it can regain its initial plush feel. It becomes flat when you lay your head on it for a while.
  • Down pillows retain heat and may become uncomfortable for some users.
  • When exposed to moisture like sweat and oil, the down filling of the pillow might form a lump and lose its original fluffy nature.
  • They may cause discomfort if the quills poke out of the casing.

Types Of Down Pillows

Different types of down pillows.

Although all sorts of sleepers can use it, you still need to go with the right down pillow to enjoy quality sleep. They are made in three support levels; soft, medium, and firm.

Soft down pillows

Soft down headrests are often filled with a higher percentage of pure down. The composition of the headrests makes them fluffier and more moldable.

These pillows work for people who sleep on their stomach because of their enhanced flexibility. The flexibility of soft down pillows works to keep the head and spine of the belly sleeper aligned. A firmer pillow will put a strain on the neck and spine of the stomach sleeper. People who sleep on their backs can also use soft down pillows because the headrest keeps their heads in place.

Medium down pillows

This genre of pillows are neither too firm nor soft. They are suitable for back sleepers because of their low loft feature. Their low height helps people who sleep on their backs to keep their head at par with the spine.

Firm down pillows

The firmness of a firm down pillow is different from other types of pillows, yet it still has the plush feeling. The only difference is that it contains a higher volume of down fillings. When weight is placed on it, the increased volume of down fillings makes the pillow plusher and does not sink as much as the soft down headrests.

They are the best down pillows for side sleepers. That is because these people require a reliable firm support for their head and neck, which their soft counterparts cannot provide. On the flip side, if the pillow is too high, the sleeper’s neck and spine may take an unnatural position which may be highly uncomfortable.

When choosing a firm down pillow, you should ensure that the fillings do not make it too high for you. You may go for an adjustable firm headrest to enable you to take out some of the fillings until it feels comfortable.

Benefits of Using a Down Pillow

Women is sleeping on the down pillow.

  1. Comfortability: One of the benefits of the down pillow is its ability to adapt to your body. The softness of the down pillow allows it to mold into a shape that makes you comfortable and relaxed. You enjoy quality sleep using the down pillow.
  2. Durability: The durability of these amazing pillows is something worth mentioning. The natural composition of the down pillow makes them last longer than those made with synthetic materials.
  3. Breathability: The down used in making the down pillow is breathable. It means that the pillow has insulating abilities which helps to keep the temperature even.

How Long Will A Down Pillow Last?

Two soft down pillows.

On average, your down pillow should last about two years or more. However, the longevity of pillow will last depending on two main factors:

  • The composition of your down pillow: Down-filled headrests with purer composition last longer than those with mixed fillings.
  • How you care for the headrests: If you do not take proper care of your pillow, it will not last as long as it should.

The more comfortable you are with your pillow, the more you are inclined to keep using it. So, to ensure higher longevity and maximum effectiveness for your down headrests, here are more factors to look out for:

  • The loft of the pillow: You need to check the height of the pillow. The down pillow loft depends on the volume of fillings it has. A pillow with more down filling will be firmer. That means, if you are a side sleeper, you should go for the higher pillow. Careful not to pick one that is too high to avoid discomfort during your sleep.
  • The composition of the filling: While some down filled pillows are filled with natural down, some are a blend of synthetic fiber similar to down or feathers and the natural down. Down feather pillows are not as soft as the ones filled with pure down. Also, the feathers may poke out at some point when using the pillow. You may be allergic to either the natural down or the synthetic fiber. Be sure to pick the pillow with the filling that makes you comfortable.
  • The ratio of the filling: Since some of the headrests are made from a blend of down and feathers, you should check the products' label for the composition ratio. The pillow with more natural down filling has proven to last longer than those with lesser if you want your down pillow to last longer, pick the one with purer down composition.


From the large selection of down headrests available in the market today, recognizing the correct criteria for picking yours would make your selection process easier and faster. With the guide we have provided above, you can now choose a suitable down pillow for your home without stress. Have fun shopping!


Are down pillows good for your sleep?

They are plush, firm, and comfortable. That makes them a good option for anyone who wants to experience quality sleep.

How do I wash my down pillow?

Most down filled pillows are usually machine washable. Some designs require a more special cleaning process than others. You can check the care label the down pillow came with to ensure proper care.

How much do down pillows cost?

The price ranges from $50 to $150. If you want a down pillow with a lower price tag, go for one with mixed fillings. Goose down pillows are the most expensive of them all.

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