Do you need a Box spring?

Innerspring mattress on the box spring.

When you find yourself asking, “What is the purpose of a box spring, do box springs matter, or do I need a box spring?” understand that most mattresses need something that stands as a bridge between them and the floor.

This article helps you with clarifications on what is a box spring for, and does a mattress needs a box spring.

What is a box spring for?

Box spring inside.

A box spring is a framework having actual springs or patterns like a metal grid which is bordered by a metal or wooden frame. If you feel the need to provide firm support for your mattress, then you have no reason to ask yourself, “Why do I need a box spring?”

Does a mattress need a box spring?

An easy way to know the answer is to read the instructions that come with the mattress. It is only good sense to find out from the manufacturer if you need a box spring or not. If you do, the instructions should outline why you need to use a box spring.

Are box springs necessary?

Most modern mattresses don’t need a box spring especially foam and latex types because the box springs could do them damage. For innerspring types, however, box springs provide support.

Why use a box spring?

The following answers the question, “What is the purpose of a box spring?”

  1. To raise the mattress to a comfortable height: The current trend is that which has mattresses at a lower level, close to the floor. Nevertheless, certain people that still prefer their mattresses to be at a higher level. If you are tall or have aching joints, or you sometimes find it difficult to boost yourself from the mattress, you have the answer to “When do you need a box spring?”
  2. To absorb shock from the mattress: Box springs were particularly very crucial to mattresses during the period where innerspring types were in vogue. Although that time period is long past, it is reassuring to remember that there is something to absorb shock from your mattress, especially when you jump on your bed.
  3. To improve the flow of air, thus making sure the mattress stays cool: Since box springs raise the mattress from the ground, more air gets to flow through and around your mattress. When air flows properly, your mattress keeps you cool at night, and you get to sleep better.


Box spring bed with mattress in the room.

On the whole, using a box spring is not necessary because some people use their mattresses without it. Furthermore, most manufacturers detail instructions on how to use the mattresses they produce, and failure to follow those instructions could cause your warranty to be voided. I trust this article was helpful.


How do I know if I need a box spring for my mattress?

One way to know if you need a box spring is by reading the instructions that came with your mattress. The manufacturers know better what is most suitable for your mattress.

When a box spring is not required?

A box spring is not required if you recently purchased your mattress and it is memory foam, latex, or hybrid type. Furthermore, if you prefer a platform bed or you prefer your mattress lying on the floor, there's really no reason to get a box spring.

How long do box springs last?

Box springs usually last for about 10 years, so you don’t have to worry about replacing them all the time. The lifespan is a little bit longer than that of mattresses. Note, however, that box springs that last up to 10 years are ones of good quality.

How much should I spend on a new box spring?

If you’re on a budget, the best you should go for is a box spring that costs around $150 - $200. If you’re willing to spend more, you should invest in getting those that cost above $1000, they are usually more durable.

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