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So, you've purchased a bed, and now you need a mattress to match. However, you don't want to buy any mattress though; you must get one that fits your bed's dimensions. Typically, the standard sizes are single, twin, queen, and king. Ultimately, we need the right sized mattress to give us ample room to sleep and have comfort. Also, you must have enough space so your body temperature can be regulated and your circadian rhythm won't be interrupted. There are instances where you might have your feet hanging off the bed, you're too close to your partner, you've not got ample space to sleep on your side, and much more! Plus, if you're mattress shopping for someone else, you have to consider if the mattress is suitable for their age. Mattresses are not the same for everyone, and you have to take your time choosing the right one.

To help you do so, check out our table of top picks here.

What is the best custom foam mattress?

Foam mattresses can be great to sleep on if you're not looking for a bed with springs. They depend on air to support your body and provide a bounce. These mattresses tend to come in three forms latex, polyurethane, and memory foam. Most of the time, it's memory foam which is deemed as the best custom foam mattress, as it contours the shape of your body and is the most comfortable.

Different sizes

Beautiful full size mattress.

When looking for a custom bed mattress, you will want the right size that fits your bed frame. Similarly, if you're looking to buy a bed and not sure which mattress to pick, here are the standard sizes:

California King size

The California king size mattress is not the most popular out there, as it tends to be more expensive and bigger. The typical dimensions for this bed are 72 inches 84inches. To have this mattress, your room must be a minimum of 12 feet by 12 feet. It's slightly different from a King size bed as it's a bit longer and also narrower. This type of mattress is suitable if you're tall and find your feet dangling over a ling size mattress. Ideally, a California ling size bed is fantastic for people who are 6 foot and above. You don't have to be of a specific height to own this bed; if you want enough room and enjoy sleeping with a lot of space, then the California king Size is the largest one to choose from.

King size

King size mattress in the room.

A king size mattress is one of the biggest ones out there on the market. The dimension of this mattress is 76inches x 80 inches. If you are looking for a bed for you and your partner, this could accommodate you both. Especially if one of you spends a lot of time tossing and turning in the night, a king size bed will give you ample room. If you have a master bedroom that's at least 12 feet long and 12 feet wide, then this mattress will fit into it. Similarly, if you have children or any pets that sleep with you at night, this mattress will provide you plenty of room. However, if you have any more than two people sleeping in there, it could be a tight squeeze. Finally, a king size mattress can also be made by having two twin sized mattresses pushed together.

Queen size

The dimensions of a queen size mattress are 60 x 80 inches, making it the third largest on the market. This is still a bed that's great for couples and good for a master bedroom. Similarly, if you're an individual who likes to spread their arms and legs out like a starfish while sleeping, this will give you plenty of room.

Full Size

If you have a teenager or young adult in your home who needs to make the transition into a more adult-like bed, then a full size is a good step up from a single bed. This bed's dimensions are 53 inches x 75inches and can go in a room that's at least 10x11 feet. This type of mattress is also suitable for couples who like to cuddle closely together when sleeping, children who want to sleep with their parents, or just for a single sleeper. Full sized beds are commonly found in college dormitories and are also the ideal introductory bed for people moving out of their home for the first time.

Twin size

Twin size mattress on the bed frame.

Are you looking for a bed for a child? If so, the twin size mattress is the smallest one available apart from the ones for babies! The twin size mattress is also known as a single bed and is 38 inches x 75 inches. You don't need to be a kid to sleep in it either; it's also great for single sleepers and is the go-to size for any bunk bed.

To make sure this mattress fits in place with the bedroom you want to place it in, the room must be square and have minimum dimensions of 8x10 feet, especially if you want to fit additional furniture like a closet. These mattresses are great for dense spaces such as studio apartments.

Crib size

Listing all of these mattress types, we can't forget babies! There are custom mattresses that are made to fit inside a baby's crib. Now, you can buy some cribs with built-in mattresses or buy mattresses and place them in a crib. A crib size mattress generally tends to be 25.25inches x 51 inches. This is just applicable for cribs in North America, as most crib size mattresses have to comply with regulations from the federal government for safety purposes. It's quite easy to locate the right mattress for your baby's crib. However, one important factor to look out for is that its thickness should not exceed 6 inches.

Mattress for seniors

Elderly couple lying on a mattress.

When it comes to mattresses for seniors, you will want to select one that is the right size for them and is comfortable. There is no best mattress for the elderly; it's completely subjective. Make sure you find one that fits their body and supports them. It's best to take them shopping to eliminate any aches or pains they might have when sleeping.

What should I consider with sizes when buying a mattress?

A man buys a mattress at a mattress store.

Mattress buying is a stressful but essential task; you don't want to go into a store and buy the first one you see. You should have a list that allows you to look at the following:

  • Support - We need to sleep every night, and it's important we have a mattress that can support and not be a hindrance to our body. What we mean by this is you have to find one that helps decompress your shoulders, neck, and spine. If you have the right mattress that supports these areas, it's less likely your mattress will cause you any unwanted pain. You must have a flat and even mattress that ensures your spine is lined up. Avoid getting a mattress that has any dents or one that sags down.
  • Contouring - A mattress is not much different from a pair of pants! You want a mattress that contours the shape of your body, similar to how pants do. This means you will need adequate cushioning around certain areas of your body and support around your pressure points. Depending on how much contouring you need, you may find memory foam and latex mattresses best for doing this. At the same time, an innerspring does not provide the same level of contouring.
  • Firmness - Do you sleep in a certain position? If so, you will want to review the firmness of a mattress so you can have a smooth sleep. The firmness gives you an idea of how soft or hard a mattress is to sleep on. Generally, most mattresses tend to have a medium firmness; however, you can get extra soft or firm ones. If you like to sleep in the fetal position, then a soft mattress might be better for you, as it will provide more support for your hips and shoulders. On the contrary, if you sleep on your back, you might want to choose a medium firm mattress. Finally, if you sleep on your front, you may want to consider a firm mattress.
  • Temperature- If you give off a lot of heat when sleeping, i.e., you sweat a lot, you will want to have a mattress that can regulate airflow. There are specific mattresses that have additional airflow and chambers to help regulate your body temperature. On the contrary, if you like to sleep in a warm bed, you may wish to opt for memory foam as it helps keep heat inside.
  • Motion isolation - If you sleep with someone and you are a light sleeper, you will want to have a motion isolation mattress. This type of feature prevents your mattress from transferring movement to the other side of the bed when you move in your sleep. Memory foam mattresses are good for absorbing movement and whereas innerspring mattresses do not have any motion isolation.
  • Budget- The price is always a factor when buying a mattress, and not always the cheapest is the best. You will want to review your budget and buy a high-quality mattress that will help you sleep. Generally, these tend to be the pricier ones, but there are some good deals and high-quality mattresses with warranties out there, so take time to do your research.

Mattresses are a piece of furniture that we should take seriously. You need to have the right size mattress that can provide you adequate space and better your sleep. Similarly, a good mattress can help support your spine and take excess pressure off painful areas. Mattress shopping is not a one size fits all method; therefore, you must review topics like firmness, motion isolation, price, temperature, contouring, and support before buying.


Which mattress size is best?

The best mattress size is the queen size. This is because it's one of the most popular ones on the market and provides a lot of space for single sleepers. Similarly, if you're a couple, it offers ample room and does not take up much space in your bedroom.

What is the biggest size of a bed?

The largest bed size you can buy is a Californian King bed. Its dimension is 72 inches x 84 inches and is slightly bigger than a king bed. It's 4 inches longer and 4 inches narrower than a king size, benefiting taller people.

How high should a mattress be?

You will want your mattress to be between 16-24 inches taller than the floor. A good way to judge its height is by sitting on the edge of your bed with your feet flat on the floor. If you find your knees are in line with your hips, then the bed is the right height.

How thick should a mattress be?

When buying a mattress, there are three layers you will want to consider. The first is the comfort layer that should be between 2-3 inches. Second is the base that's between 6-8 inches. Lastly, there should be a transition layer that is 1-2 inches.

What are two twins put together?

If you push two twin beds together, they will create a king size bed with a gap in-between. If you want to move two twin beds, for this reason, you can buy a bridge gap which will prevent a person from falling down the gap in-between.

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