Crib Mattresses

Crib Mattresses.

Babies can sleep like koalas, hitting even 18 hours per day! As such getting the right crib mattress, one that will not only keep them safe, but also highly comfortable, should be your top priority as a parent. There are federal regulations in place; these guidelines control safety considerations for crib mattresses including crib mattress size and crib mattress dimensions. However, while such regulations are in existence, parents still find themselves daunted with the wide-ranging options available online. Putting into consideration how important the little one's quality and safe sleep is, purchasing a baby crib mattress can be rated among the top stressful things to shop for, especially when it comes to new parents. In our comprehensive guide, we will highlight matters crib futons based on top-notch quality and valid recommendations from relevant bodies. We have also gone the extra mile and done our own kind rigorous in-house testing, while considering verified crib mattress reviews from actual parents. We have made it our sole responsibility to take you through all you might need to know when choosing a standard crib mattress. Below is a table with our most top rated crib mattresses.

What is a crib mattress?

Choosing the best affordable crib mattress is a task that warrants cautious consideration, and thus it can be quite daunting. The crib is not the only important part; the right mattress for the crib is equally useful for a quality night’s sleep. A crib mattress is a mattress specifically made to fit in your baby’s crib. Babies sleep for over 17 hours on a daily. Well, this might not seem believable, especially because you have to keep checking on them whenever they get fussy and keep waking up during the night. The best rated crib mattress is one that fits onto the crib perfectly without leaving gaps, as that would pose a serious danger to your little loved one. A soft crib mattress, on the other hand, could conform to the shape of the head or face of your baby, and this could increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome or suffocation.

Best Crib Mattress.

Different types

There are various types of standard sized crib mattresses catalogued all over the online market, each of which has potential pros and cons. Parents need to consider the types available before settling for a particular crib cushion.

  • Innerspring Mattresses: An innerspring crib mattress comes with interlocking springs for support, in combination with a layer of comfort at the top. This is more of a traditional or old-fashioned style of mattress that has numerous benefits including exemplary air circulation (through the steel coils) and great support. However, most small crib mattresses with innersprings are significantly heavier and pricier than their foam counterparts.
  • Foam Mattresses: A memory foam crib mattress is a recent entrant in the mattress industry. These options are relatively cheaper than other types. They are made from polyethylene foam or polyurethane, a construction that makes them almost silent. As such, you will not have to get worried about waking up your baby when you place them to their crib in case they are already sleeping. If you are the kind of individual who prefers organic materials, synthetic foams could be less appealing.
  • Other Materials: Other crib mattresses are made with materials that are not normally used in regular futons, including natural and synthetic materials. All these have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. The best mini crib mattress options often come with these innovative designs. The only thing you will need to keep at the back of your mind is the question of whether or not these cushions meet the specific needs of your baby.

How to Choose the best crib mattress

How to pick a crib mattress is dependent on a couple of factors. Purchasing a crib mattress is highly different from getting a regular mattress for yourself. This is due to the fact that there is tone of federally regulated details; baby safety is the ultimate goal. Before you settle for any purchase, it is quite important that you understand the crucial factors that go into a comfortable and safe crib mattress. Some details, including firmness and size, are non-negotiable when it comes to matters safety. Other factors have everything to do with personal preference. There are important data points that parents need to be aware of before they can make a purchase for the best pillow top crib mattress, for example certifications. Crib futon manufacturers use an array of the usual sale tactics. By following the most critical categories such as materials, price, quality and purpose, you will be able to filter out all the marketing claims and settle for safety benefits.

Types Crib Mattress.

Last things to consider when buying a mattress


One of the questions that goes through the minds of many shoppers is how big is a crib mattress? The baby crib mattress size is something that cushion manufacturers need to adhere to as per the sizing regulations put in place by authorities such as the Federal Consumer Product Safety Commission. If we are talking about full-sized cribs, the dimensions should be at least 27.25 inches * 52.25 inches. It should not be more than 6 inches high.


The best crib mattress options feature various price points. The average cost is anything from $80 to $200. However, the price can go all the way to $600 depending on features and materials (organic materials are expensive). Keep in mind that price is not a measure of quality in all cases; as such, consider the features you desire more than what your budget can allow for.

Quality Materials

In addition to style, crib cushions should make use of top-notch quality materials that are safe and approved by the relevant regulating bodies such as the federal government. However, there are mattresses that come with better quality materials that can stand up to regular use and countless washes. Other quality factors include food-grade and organic materials.


A waterproof crib mattress is an inevitable choice if you are avoiding the futon getting wet. Most mattress manufacturers use plastic or vinyl within the mattress cover for extra protection. Some waterproofing materials are natural while others are synthetic.

Foam Crib Mattress.


Making a selection on the most ideal crib mattress can be somewhat confusing given the wide array of options available as well as the safety regulations in play. During their first months, your baby will spend almost all their time asleep as opposed to awake. One most crucial part of getting your little one to sleep soundly is ensuring that their sleeping environment is ideal. With our in-depth baby crib mattress review we have made everything easier for you, providing you with the top crib mattresses in the market.


How do I get my crib mattress upstairs?

The trick in getting your crib cushion upstairs is carefully moving up the stairs with a partner then manoeuvring around the hallway corner. While some crib mattresses can be bulky, most are flexible. Be sure to pay attention to the surroundings, being mindful of the safety of both you and your assistant as you move up the steps.

How much does a crib cushion weigh?

There are different types of mattresses specifically made for the crib. Foam mattresses that are constructed from polyurethane are generally lighter, weighing between 5 and 13 pounds. Innerspring mattresses are heavier weighing about 15 to 30 pounds.

How do I dispose of my old crib mattress?

Most crib mattresses can be flipped over in order to be used by a toddler. Ones that are unsanitary ought to be disposed but the reasonably clean ones can be recycled. You can choose to re-purpose it as a kneeling pad, a pet bed or a comfortable sitting space for your toddler as they play.

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