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Cooling Pillow.

If you are one of those people who suffers from overheating at night, you are in the right place. Of course, the purpose of these pillows is to keep you cool while sleeping. This prevents many unwanted things such as disturbed sleep, sweating, and much more. Understanding all there is about cooling pillows is a good way of ensuring you make the right choice, assuming you’re considering making a purchase.

And rather than trying to find the best cooling pillow by yourself, we figured we’d help you out by listing them below:

What Is a Cooling Pillow?

Cooling memory foam pillow.

A cooling pillow, as the name indicates, is a pillow that is designed to help maintain a cool temperature at night. While technologies can vary, this is always the primary objective of a cooling pillow. And not just this, the pillow can help to remove excess heat from the head and neck to prevent uncomfortable and sleep disturbing conditions. Of course, pillows that stay cool then provide an individual touch on your night’s sleep - meaning you don’t have to find a happy medium if sharing a room with someone else.

Types Of Cooling Pillows

Top rated cooling pillow.

Although the technology for cooling pillows has been around for a while now, breakthroughs are occurring constantly. And manufacturers are regularly finding unique ways of supplying users with the very best cooling experience when sleeping. With that said, there are three variations of cooling pillows that steal the show right now:

  • Cooling gel pillow. Gel cooling pillows are usually a little pricer than the others, but they are amazingly effective. The reason for this is that the gel takes the heat out of the pillow once it reaches it from your body. This effect means that the surface of the pillow is constantly nice and cool, leading to better sleep. And since the material inside of the pillow is gel, it is typically nice and soft, allowing you to sink into the pillow for comfort.
  • Memory foam cooling pillow. Choosing a cooling memory foam pillow is an excellent choice for those who want a more personal touch. Of course, the nature of memory foam pillows is that they mould to your position over time. This means you get maximum comfort from the pillow, and these pillows are usually very supportive too. Providing support for both the neck and spine is a great way to guarantee a restful sleep, and these pillows can even help to alleviate pain too. Since the cooling memory foam pillow is also designed to keep things nice and chilled, this pillow really is a win-win design.
  • Electric cooling pillow. These are a relatively new introduction to the market of cooling pillows. While previously, electrical bedding accessories were pretty much zoned in on blankets, pillows have really taken off. This is particularly unique considering that electric fueled accessories have long been used to provide heat instead of a cooling effect. But these days, the latter is perfectly accessible. Sure, these need charging, but when your head hits the pillow, the effect is immediate. Don’t worry about a lack of consistency either, for these pillows can last for the entire night - helping to achieve the desired effect throughout.

Benefits Of Using Cooling Pillows

Pillows that stay cool.

At the end of the day, there has to be a reason for narrowing in on the best cooling pillow and buying one, right? These pillows are in high demand these days, and a major reason for this is the scientifically proven benefits. These are detailed below:

  • Prevention of night sweats. Those that suffer from night sweats will be all too aware of the disturbance they can cause to sleep. While night sweats are sometimes attributed to various illnesses, they can simply happen due to the body being overheated at night. This is especially true should the head and neck become too hot, hence the necessity of securing a cooling pillow.
  • Maintain a cool body temperature. Whether it’s a cooling gel pillow, a cooling memory foam pillow, or whatever variation it is - the underlying objective is to maintain a cool body temperature. And unless you have a temperature control system in your bedroom, one of the best ways to tackle this is to get a cooling pillow. Scientists report that a cool room and lowered body temperature are keys to enjoying deep and restful sleep, so the benefits of this are clear to see.
  • Great treatment for insomnia. Insomnia is actually a very common condition. In fact, it affects so many people due to factors such as stress, worry, overthinking, and many other reasons. But regardless of the underlying reason, if you can’t sleep at night because of insomnia, it’s beneficial to look for a solution. And one of the best ways to create a calming environment is to find an appropriate cooling pillow.
  • Better mental health. Quality sleep is directly related to better mental health. So if your sleep is constantly disturbed due to overheating, this will ultimately show in your mental health condition. The good news is that the opposite is also true, however. If you are getting good sleep thanks to factors like a cooling pillow, you will feel more energized, positive, and ready to tackle what life throws your way.

How Long Will a Cooling Pillow Last?

If you choose to purchase a cooling pillow that has been designed and manufactured well, there is no reason that your pillow cannot last for 3-4 years. However, cheaper models that are out there may only last a year or two. On that note, make sure you revert back to the table above for a breakdown of the best cooling pillow available in the market today. The shortlisted pillows are definitely at the higher end of the spectrum and these will last longer than most.


At the time of writing, there are hundreds of cooling pillows available to buy. Given the popularity of this technology and its proven benefits, it’s no great surprise that cooling pillows are in high demand. But rather than trying to scour the entire market, just stick with the cooling pillows in the table above and you’ll be just fine. With a bit of luck, this mini-review will help you to make the right choice too!


Are cooling pillows good for your sleep?

Yes. Cooling pillows are extremely good for your sleep. They help to regulate temperature, eliminate night sweats, and just generally help you to achieve a restful night's sleep.

How do I wash my cooling pillows?

It is not recommended that you wash your cooling pillows in a washing machine. That’s because the materials inside are very delicate, especially with those such as a cooling gel pillow. Therefore, it’s best to scrub the pillow with a hot cloth, and you can use regular cleaning supplies to do this.

How much do cooling pillows cost?

The price of cooling pillows varies widely based on quality. Some of the cheaper products can be obtained for somewhere around £20-£30. However, the better models can be anywhere between £50 and £100. With that said, you get what you pay for.

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