Cooling Mattress Toppers

Cooling Mattress Topper.

According to research, the most recommended sleeping temperature averages at about 64 degrees Fahrenheit. Understandably, numerous factors contribute to your sleep environment’s temperature. However, the quality of your mattress is not to be underestimated. Mattresses that do not give enough space for air circulation can retain body heat, leading to an annoying or even sleepless night. To curb this, be sure to get yourself a decent cooling mattress topper.

A good number of breathable mattress toppers feature wool, cotton, and gel memory foam, designs, seeing as these materials are great at wicking away heat. At about 2-4 inches in thickness, these crucial bedding not only offer additional support but also give the sleeper a cooler place to rest upon. With the tons of cooling bed topper reviews out there, it can be quite a hard endeavor to arrive at the option that works best for you. As such, we have gone out of our way to provide you with all the juicy details when it comes to matters cooling mattress toppers. We’ll also present you with useful hacks on choosing the most appropriate mattress topper. The table below provides our top choices on matters best cooling mattress toppers’.

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What is A Cooling Mattress Topper?

A regular bed topper is a further cushioning layer or material that is usually fitted or fixed over a mattress (below bed sheets and any other bedding). It is mainly meant to provide extra comfort, cushioning support, as well as act as a protective shield. A refreshing mattress topper, however, has another function. It is embedded with breathability properties that help in the regulation of bed temperature, giving the sleeper a heat-free night. A memory foam cooling mattress topper is especially handy, seeing as it offers extra support while keeping the user free of the annoying overheating that happens to most sleepers.

Main benefits

Compression Relief

When it comes to pressure alleviation, a memory foam topper is considered the most idyllic option, seeing as it comes with high body shape imitation abilities. However, if you experience overheating on a regular, you might want to opt for a sap 4-inch cooling mattress topper. This option offers the same weight relief properties but is more breathable.


If you are a hot sleeper, you can attest to the fact that a mattress that traps heat is the most uncomfortable thing ever. However, purchasing a new mattress (probably one featuring cooling attributes), can turn out to be highly expensive. Opportunely, with a cooling topper, you get to deal with the overheating issue more easily and cost-effectively.

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How to Choose the Greatest Bed Topper

In the mattress industry, sleeping-cool is the new catchphrase. Given the numerous marketing jargon that surrounds upcoming bed technologies, everything seems quite overwhelming. However, considering the factors below will get you right where you want to be when it comes to finding the most ideal cooling mattress topper to suit your individual needs.

  • Sleep Posture: As an item that goes over your mattress, it would be best if you got a hold of one that has the right firmness. This way, it is easier for the well-founded breathable mattress support to comfortably take in your body type and laying posture. If you prefer sleeping on your side, a thicker mattress topper would work best. This is because as it is a plusher option that customs firm supports around broad and high-pressure points such as hips or shoulders. If you tend to lie on your back, a medium-to-firm topper would work best.
  • Cooling Effectiveness: Straightforwardly, for maintenance of neutral bed temperature, you would be required to use materials that permit air circulation while wicking away all the unwanted body heat. Queen size breathable cushion topper options come fitted with fizzy or ventilated designs that enhance the flow of air.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Cooling Mattress Topper

In your choice of bed toppers with cooling features, you will have to go over tons of options. To help you to make up your mind more easily, we have highlighted some of the important factors to take into account:

  • Budget/price factor: The quality of constituents used on a particular topper affects its price. Standard ones featuring polyfoam can be found at approximately $100. Latex cooling bed toppers and other classy models such as cooling tubes could cost up to a couple of hundred dollars. Be sure to stick to your budget based on needs.
  • Thickness: Most toppers range between 2-4 inches in thickness. If you apply more compression, be sure to go for a thicker cooling mattress topper.
  • Materials: The materials used affect the topper`s longevity. Wool and latex options are the best performers on this front, lasting up to 4 years or more. However, these high-quality materials also come at a higher price. So it is all a matter of striking the balance between your needs and budget.

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If you have had your fair share of night sweats, then you can attest to the fact that the right bedding could be the difference between a peaceful night’s sleep and regularly waking up dripping wet from your sweat. While light-weight comforters and cooling bed sheets are an alternative option to some extent, bed toppers remain unmatched, offering the finest comfort levels to individuals who overheat in their sleep. Toppers are an excellent choice that act both as bed upgrades and perfect coolants. The price of a cooling bed topper is only a portion of that of a new mattress price, which makes it highly budget-friendly. The more exquisite mattress topper queen options feature plush filling coupled with memory foam for enhanced softness and sheer comfort.


Which is the top cooling mattress support for me?

This is all dependent on the user, particularly on their sleeping position. However, some products generally perform better than others, such as latex toppers. With these options, you can expect better pressure relief seeing as they adjust better onto the sleeper’s body.

How do I clean my cooling mattress topper?

The best approach to consider is how dirty your topper is. You only need a perfect mixture of white vinegar (distilled) and cold water. Using a spray bottle, drizzle the mixture on the dirty parts. Using a clean towel, clear off any excess moisture. Spread baking soda on the bed topper and let it settle for a couple of hours before cleaning it off.

How does a cooling mattress topper attach to the bed?

Installation is easy; unpack the mattress topper and let it completely expand. Place it on your mattress and securely hook it in place in order to prevent it from sliding from side to side. Place your mattress protector over the topper to protect both the mattress and topper.

What is the difference between a mattress topper and a mattress pad?

A mattress topper, in most cases, is over an inch thick. It is purposed to provide user comfort by either adjusting their mattress’ softness or firmness. A mattress pad, on the other hand, is less than an inch thick. Its main purpose is bringing extra plushness to your mattress.

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