Casper Pillow Review

Casper Pillow Review.

One critical factor to consider if you hope to have a good night's sleep is the quality of your pillow. Pillows do not only promote good sleep. They also enhance your spinal health and promote the proper functioning of your neck. With the right pillow, you can avoid having back, shoulder, or neck pain when you sleep. However, choosing the wrong type of pillow with some pillow cover material may cause some people to develop allergies.

Therefore, it is critical to buy pillow covers that are made from hypoallergenic materials. You shall find out the features of Casper pillows in this Casper essential pillow review. We shall also discuss the drawbacks and benefits of using Casper pillows. Are there questions you would like to ask about Casper pillows? Find out in our Casper pillow review FAQ section.

Casper pillow inside.

What is Casper Pillow?

Casper pillows are designed to support you irrespective of your sleeping position. Three different Casper pillow models are suitable for side, stomach, or back sleepers. Each of the three Casper pillow models has feature layers and is designed with a firm base that offers additional support at the pillow's core. It also provides plushness and increases the softness of the outer layer for extra comfort.

Having a pillow with a supportive core is critical for proper spinal alignment, and a pillow with a fluffy surface offers a more luxurious feel. Casper body pillows are very easy to clean. They are machine washable, and you may be able to spot clean the surface without stress. Casper pillows have an adjustable loft which is a feature that places this pillow over other competitors. Casper original pillow was fabricated to support you irrespective of your sleeping position, weight, or size.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Casper Pillows


  • Casper pillows come in three different varieties, which give you more options to select a pillow that best suits you.
  • All three Casper pillows are easy to wash. They can be machine washed and can be spot cleaned.
  • Casper offers customers a thirty-night risk-free trial when they purchase their pillows.
  • Customers may get a one-year warranty on pillows.


  • You may not be able to adjust the firmness level.
  • Casper pillows may be a bit too high for stomach sleepers.
Benefits Drawbacks
Available in three different varieties Firmness level not adjustable
Easy to wash A little too high for stomach sleepers
Durable It is a little bit expensive

Casper pillow and woman sleeping.

Different Casper Pillow Models Available

As earlier mentioned, Casper pillows come in three distinctive types, including Casper Original pillow, Foam Casper Pillow, and Casper Down Pillow. Each type of pillow offers uniqueness and suitability to different types of sleepers.

Casper Original Pillow

  • Construction: The Original, as it is called, is 7-inches long. If you are using the Original for the first time, one striking feature you may feel is the pillow's softness. The pillow cover is made from a 100% cotton material, and it has a breathable percale weave. In addition, the Original Casper pillow has a buoyant core filled with down alternative and silky fibers, which are blown into the pillow cover individually to prevent any issue of clumping.
  • Firmness: In the aspect of firmness, the Casper Original pillow is a popular choice for most people because of the adequate combination of support and firmness it provides. It is designed as a double layer model that helps it maintain its shape when compressed. The pillow's 2-inch gusset is the core support for this pillow, and it aims at providing support for your spine and neck.
  • Temperature Regulation: You may not have to worry about overheating when using Casper Original pillows because they are designed with cooling and breathable materials. The pillow’s cotton cover is designed using a percale weave for increased airflow. The alternative down fibers is clumping resistant and allow free air circulation for a comfortable night's rest.

Casper Foam Pillow

  • Construction: The Casper plush foam pillow gave Casper its popularity with a pillow design that contours your shape. It also offers a squishy pillow feel, and it has three different stands and foam layers that give it a height of six inches.
  • Firmness: The Casper incorporated its Foam beds' features into its Foam pillows in terms of firmness. The Casper Foam pillow is expertly designed and ergonomically tested to provide three support layers. It also offers proper spinal alignment for you. The Foam pillow’s outer layer offers a cushiony and soft feel, and it takes your head shape.
  • Temperature Regulation: Casper Foam pillows are designed with tiny channels that enable escaping trapped heat, thereby promoting cooling. In addition, it has a jersey knit cover that is cool, stretchy, and allows for easy air circulation.

Casper Down Pillow

  • Construction: The Casper down pillow offers an all-natural plush feel and stands at a height of 6.5 inches. However, the materials used in constructing this pillow may compress underweight. Its outer shell cover is made from soft cotton, and it covers the pillows' five-chamber design.
  • Firmness: The Down pillow is a luxurious model that has an airy and plush feel in terms of firmness. It is great for those who prefer a fluffy cushion. Although it is designed for all sleepers, the Down pillow may be most suitable for stomach and back sleepers.
  • Temperature Regulation: Casper Down pillows have a breathable cotton cover that helps you stay cool all through the night. In addition, the pillow is renowned for its temperature regulating ability which is great for those whole love sleeping in a cool or warm room.

Types and Average Prices of Casper Pillows

The prices of Casper Pillows depend on their sizes and types. Here is a table showing the different types and average prices of Casper Pillows

Casper Pillow Types Dimensions in Inches Price Range ($)
Original Standard: 18" x 26" x 2" 65 to 70
Original King: 18" x 34 x 2" 85 to 90
Foam Standard: 16" x 24" x 2" 89 to 99
Foam King: 16" x 32" x 2" 119 to 124
Down Standard: 18" x 26" x 2" 125 to 135
Down King: 18" x 34" x 2" 165 to 170

Casper memory foam pillow.


Casper pillows come in three different sizes and are great for different sleepers. You may purchase Casper bed pillows if you desire maximum comfort when sleeping. From our Casper standard pillow review, Casper pillows are great for different sleeping positions but may be more suitable for back and side sleepers.


How Often Should I Change Casper Pillows?

Casper pillows come with a warranty and are durable. However, changing your Casper pillows between eighteen months to three years is advisable.

What Sizes of Casper Pillows Are Available?

Casper sleep pillows come in two sizes, including Casper king and Casper standard pillows. The three Casper pillow types have both the king and standard sizes available. The pillow sizes play a significant role in determining the cost of each pillow.

What Is The Best Casper Pillow?

Casper pillow for sleeping caters to different sleeping positions. However, you may choose the Foam pillow for its ability to contour to your head shape, the Down pillow for its luxurious and plush feel, or the Original pillow for its height. The choice is yours.

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