California King Size Mattress vs. King Size

Comparison of sizes of california king and king mattresses.

Sometimes, the only thing standing in the way of your perfect night’s rest is your choice of mattresses, and to make the best purchasing decision, it's paramount that you understand and know your options. Have you considered getting the California king or the King mattress without really knowing the difference between both? Then this article is all you need, as you will get to understand both products, with all their detailed descriptions.

Features of the California King vs King?

The California king bed, popularly known as the Western king mattress, is one of the most elegant mattresses you can get in the mattress industry. It is 72 inches wide and 82 inches long dimension which makes it a perfect fit for couples.

The King-size mattress, however, is a total contrast to the California king. A King-size mattress is also known as the Easter king. Unlike the 72 inches by 82 inches dimension of the California king mattress, it has a size that measures 76 inches wide and 80 inches long.

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What is the Difference between the King vs California king?

Although there is a common misconception about the California king being larger than the king mattress, the disparities in both are more than the overall size. Below are the significant differences between the king and California king mattresses that will be useful in making your purchasing decision:

  1. Width: While the Eastern king is equivalent to two twin beds placed beside each other, designed to accommodate two sleepers, with enough room to take extra, the Western king mattress would only take two sleepers with little to no space left. The California king vs eastern king has a dimension of 72 inches and 76 inches in width, respectively.
  2. Length: Although the width is a prominent factor in the differences between the king vs western king mattress, the length of both products is also an essential factor that should be considered when making a choice. King beds are designed for people with moderate height, not above 6 feet tall, while the western king beds are better options for taller couples.

California King vs King Comparison Table

Dimensions King mattress California King mattress
Width 72 inches 76 inches
Length 84 inches 80 inches
Total surface area 6,048 square inches 6,080 square inches

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California King vs King: what to consider?

Whether you choose the king or the California king, you will be making an excellent choice as both products are designed for luxury and comfort. However, some factors should be considered to ensure that you're picking the one best suited for you. These factors include:

  1. Your room dimension: A larger room space would be more convenient for you if you're looking to get a king-size mattress; they are much broader and might make your room a bit overcrowded if it's a small space. A much narrower room would be better accommodating a California king bed.
  2. Height: Taller couples would be advised to consider the western king mattress when comparing the king and western king mattress. For those less than 6 feet tall, a king-size bed would be a safer option.

King vs California King: what are the pros and cons?

King Pros:

  • Larger in size.
  • Provides extra space for more sleepers.
  • Great versatility in terms of style and design.

King Cons:

  • Too big to fit into smaller spaces or rooms.
  • Heavy and difficult to move around.
  • Expensive.
  • Can be a little short for tall people.

Cal King Pros:

  • Big enough for most couples.
  • Less expensive than the King bed.
  • Small enough to fit into smaller spaces.
  • Great for tall people.

Cal King Cons:

  • It cannot accommodate as many people as the king bed.
  • Width is a problem, so you might feel cramped when using it.
  • Rare and difficult to shop for.

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Now that you know all there is to know about the king and the California King, I believe it will be easier for you to decide which one of both is best suited for you and your needs. I hope this article was helpful enough for you in making the right choice.


What is the main difference between King and California king?

The main difference between the king and California King bed lies in their dimensions. While the former is larger and best suited for shorter persons, the latter is less large in surface area and better suitable for taller persons.

How much bigger is a California King than a King size mattress?

The California King has 76 by 80 inches dimension with a total surface area of 6,080 square inches. In comparison, the king mattress has a 72 by 84 inches dimension with an entire surface area of 6,048 square inches.

Why is it called California King?

Memory Foam does not allow for the build-up of dust or mold which causes allergies. So, it is a better option for those that have allergies since it is hypoallergenic. Though both mattresses are great and plush options, memory foam is more hypoallergenic. It does not allow for the build-up of dust or mold that causes allergies. So, it is a better option for those that have allergies.

What's the point of a California King mattress?

The California king mattress is specifically designed to be lengthier and more accommodating for taller couples. It is narrower and made to fit into rooms with smaller space, without overcrowding the room.

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