The Big Fig Mattress Review

Big fig mattress.

The Human body comes in all shapes and sizes, and each person needs a mattress that meets their unique sleep needs. For example, a smaller person will likely want a soft mattress, which will respond to their lighter weight. On the other hand, a heavier individual will likely want a mattress that offers more support and more extended durability. Unfortunately, most mattresses are only designed towards the average body type. And, when their moderate weight limit is exceeded, these mattresses begin to dip and sag, making it difficult to achieve a comfortable night's sleep.

For this reason, buying a mattress can be a stressful time for people of heavier body types. Luckily, the Big Fig mattress is designed specifically with those people in mind. This Big Fig Mattress review will explore how the mattress' design and features benefit those of heavier bodies and how this sets it apart from other beds on the market.

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Construction and Design of Big Fig Mattress

The Big Fig mattress features a 13" thick design that sits upon an 18 2.5" slat foundation with double center rails that supports up to five times the weight of the average foundation. Additionally, the Big Fig Mattress itself features an ingenuity that offers the optimal support and comfort for its plus-sized users. The Big Fig Mattress’ five-layer design features:

  • A Thermo Gel Top Layer: A top layer of tufted and quilted fabric infused with thermo gel cooling technology diffuses any excess body heat and ensures a comfortably cool night’s sleep.
  • Perforated Gel Infused Latex Foam: Along with the cooling technology of the mattress' top layer, the second layer's perforated latex foam allows for air to flow through the mattress and increases the overall breathability and comfort of the bed.
  • 3 Layers of High-Density Polyfoam: The three layers of high-density polyfoam distributes weight evenly throughout the mattress. As a result, the Big Fig mattress offers optimal support and durability for heavy sleepers.
  • 1,600 Individually Wrapped Coils: With 50% more coils than the average mattress, the bed enhances spinal alignment, pressure point relief, and mattress durability.
  • High Density 80 LB Edge Foam: The mattresses' strong and supportive edge foam offers maximum durability and is vital in preventing sagging throughout the bed.

Benefits of Using Big Fig Mattress

Designed with heavy body types in mind, the Big Fig mattress offers a myriad of benefits for heavy sleepers. Some of the top features of the mattress to consider are:

  • Firmness: Designed to support a heavier mass, Big Fig mattresses are quite firm for the average body type. However, this results in a comfortable, supportive night's sleep for its intended demographic.
  • Pain Relief: Thanks to its supportive design, the Big Fig mattress offers the optimal sag prevention. As a result, the bed maintains spinal alignment while supporting the shoulders and hips for ultimate pain relief capabilities.
  • Cooling: With the combination of the heat dispersing top layer and the breathability of the second layer, the Big Fig mattress offers a cool, comfortable experience for heavy sleepers.
  • Motion Isolation: Motion isolation is huge for those sharing a mattress with a partner. Luckily, the Big Fig mattress' additional coils also mean that its users will experience an undisturbed sleep, even if their partner gets restless throughout the night.
  • Edge Support: Along with adding additional durability to the mattress, the Big Fig's edge support also makes it ideal for couples. Every relationship has one person that hogs the bed. Luckily, the Big Fig's enhanced edge support offers a comfortable experience even if you are relegated to the bed's borders.

Big fig mattress review.

Average Prices and Sizing of Big Fig Mattress

Big Fig mattress prices start at $1,399 and can range up to $2,799, depending on the size of the bed. Every sized mattress has a 13" thickness and comes with their innovative bed frame designed to accommodate heavier body types. Big Fig offers their mattresses in all standard bed sizes:

  • Twin: Most commonly used for children and guest rooms, the twin-sized big fig mattress is the most affordable, with a price tag of $1,399.
  • Twin XL: With a little more length than the standard twin mattress, Big Fig's XL mattress starts at $1,499.
  • Full: The standard size for couples or individuals looking for more room, the full-sized Big Fig mattress costs $1,599.
  • Queen: The most common bed size available, the Big Fig queen-sized mattress offers sufficient room for couples and costs about $1,799.
  • King: Offering even more room and comfort than the queen, The Big Fig king mattress currently runs at $1,999 for the added luxury.
  • California King: Adding more length to the king but with a narrower width, the Cal King is ideal for taller individuals or couples. The Cal king shares the same price tag as the standard king and costs $1,999.
  • Split King: Compatible with adjustable beds, Big Fig's split king mattress is ideal for couples with differing sleep preferences. Unfortunately, a split king Big Fig mattress is the most expensive option at $2,799.

Big Fig Mattress Models Available

The Big Fig Mattress is currently only available in one model. And while most of the Big Fig mattress reviews attest to the bed's quality, a few caveats come with this singular model selection. For example, one of the leading Big Fig Mattress complaints is that even though the mattress offers many features tailored explicitly to heavy body types, the lack of choice means there is no room for variations that could accommodate other specific sleep needs. This includes aspects such as varying firmnesses and other preferences.

Secondly, the lack of alternative models also means this mattress is targeted towards a specific budget audience. The Big Fig mattress is rather pricey, and with no budget options available, it may be unaffordable for some shoppers.

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Despite only having a single model to choose from, the Big Fig mattress is thick, durable, and supportive, making it the ideal option for heavier body types. However, along with its high price tag, the firmness of the mattress may make for an uncomfortable sleeping experience for people of an average or light body type. Nevertheless, most Big Fig mattress reviews, including this one, boast the support and comfort of the bed and believe the mattress is an ideal option for those heavy sleepers that can afford it.


Which Big Fig mattress is the best?

With only one model available, Big Fig takes the stress out of choosing which mattress is the best. Of course, this also means there is less opportunity to adjust your choices to meet your unique sleep needs. Nevertheless, Big Fig reviews attest to the support and durability of the mattress to ensure you sleep comfortably for years to come.

How long does Big Fig mattress take to expand?

Unlike other Bed-in-a-Box brands, the Big Fig mattress fills up quickly. As per the mattress’ instructions, you should wait 30 minutes after unboxing before lying on the bed. After only a couple of hours, the mattress will be fully expanded.

Where is the Big Fig mattress made?

Big Fig is an American-based company created in 2015 by father-daughter founders Bruce and Alison Goodman. All of their mattresses are made out of a single factory facility in Cleveland, Ohio.

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