Bear Mattress Review

Bear mattress.

Waking up with sore muscles and body aches can affect your long-term health. So this is your cue to change your mattress as soon as possible! You will find various mattresses in the market; however, the Bear mattress is among the most comfortable options, specially designed for active people or athletes.

So if you are searching for the best mattress for sound sleep, continue reading our Bear mattress review to help make your decision easier.

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Construction And Design Of Bear Mattress

According to thorough research, the company's unique Celliant Infrared Yarn layer may encourage enhanced oxygen supply in an athlete's bodily tissue and aid in muscle repair. At the same time, active people will particularly like the Bear Original mattress because of its 2-inch upper comfort layer.

In addition, the Bear Memory Foam mattress relieves strain during a workout, whereas graphite works to dissipate body temperature to avoid overheating.

A layer of sensitive transition foam aids with motion seclusion beneath the pressure-relieving memory foam, and the surface is a high foam that provides durability and support.

Meanwhile, professional reviews highlight that the hardness of the Bear mattress is 7.1; hence, it is especially suitable for back sleepers and provides optimal postural stability. The mattress will also be ideal for most ordinary sleepers. Nonetheless, side sleepers may discover that the Bear Original Mattress's hardness causes pressure spots, particularly upon the shoulders. Moreover, some people complain that foam mattresses retain excessive heat and cause them to wake up hot; the graphite gel foam inside the Bear mattress is meant to diffuse heat away.

According to several experts, people using Bear mattresses sleep way cooler than those using comparable foam mattresses.

Benefits Of Using Bear Mattress

Here are the advantages of using the Bear mattress for a sound and a comfortable sleep:

  • Pressure Relief: The Bear Original performs well in terms of pressure relief, with most sleepers reporting no severe pressure build-up, irrespective of sleeping pattern. Light-weighted sleepers are an exception since the mattress is considered 'tough' for individuals weighing 129 pounds or less.
  • Motion Isolation: Since memory foam is meant to absorb movement and restrict dispersion, the Bear mattress performs well in motion isolation like other all-foam versions. Test subjects claimed that their sleeping partners moving around in the bed caused minimal motion transmission. Meanwhile, the Bear mattress is significantly more sensitive than some other types; thus, sleepers may experience modest motion. In addition, many sleepers who get up quickly may be aware of their partner's movements, although the quantity of motion communicated is usually insufficient to be genuinely bothersome.
  • Temperature Control: The Bear mattress is intended to provide a breezier sleep than conventional foam mattresses, and it employs accessible memory foam to promote ventilation. This is because it is filled with graphite gel, which aids in the absorption and dissipation of heat. Hence, the Bear mattress maintains a proper temperature balance and does not overheat compared to other mattresses. This is due, at least, to the fact that they do not provide as much fitting or sinking into the mattress as some various memory foam types.
  • Ease of Movement: The Bear Original differs from other foam versions in that it does not cradle and conform to the body much more than other foam types. Nevertheless, it does not provide the same sense of hovering on the upper edge of the mattress as some of the other options. This makes moving around on it a little simpler than on various memory foam mattresses. Even then, bulkier sleepers prefer to sink deeper into the mattress, making it more difficult to shift around.
  • Edge Support: Due to the obvious way foam mattresses are made, they lack the boundary hardness of a coil support layer, which provides edge support. Furthermore, people are more likely to sink when sitting on the edge of the mattress or feel like they are rolling off if they sleep too near the border.However, the Bear mattress is no exception, scoring below ordinary in edge support. People with varying body weights experienced severe sinkage on the edge of the mattress when they climbed in or out of bed, as well as sensations of “roll-off.” The situation became more severe as the number of people increased.
  • Off-Gassing: Since the foams utilized release VOCs (volatile organic compounds) with a unique odor, all-foam mattresses are likely to have scents at first. However, such VOCs are not typically regarded as hazardous, and any fragrances usually evaporate after several days through proper ventilation. The Bear Original is no exception, with off-gassing occurring in the first few days. Nevertheless, only a few people indicate that the scent fades after a few days so that there are no remaining scents in the mattresses. Although there may be an initial odor, the Bear Original, including Bear's other mattresses, has received GREENGUARD Gold certification. Moreover, this indicates that the Bear mattresses have been inspected to guarantee that volatile organic compound emissions are kept to a minimum.

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Average Sizing And Pricing Of Bear Mattresses

Below are the average sizes and prices of the Bear mattresses available on the market:

Size Dimensions Average Price
Twin 39 X 75 X 10 Inches $695.00
Twin XL 39 X 80 X 10 Inches $695.00
Full 54 X 75 X 10 Inches $895.00
Queen 60 X 80 X 10 Inches $995.00
King 76 X 80 X 10 Inches $1,095.00

Note: Prices may differ on various online platforms and stores.

Bear Mattress Models Available

Here are the different Bear mattresses available on the market:

Bear Pro Mattress

This is an all-foam mattress with four layers 12 inches in height. It isn't as hard as the Bear mattress, but it is also not as fluffy as the Bear Hybrid. On the other hand, this type of mattress is the most absorbent in the Bear portfolio, thanks to its gel memory and copper foam infusion, making it suitable for individuals who get warm while asleep.

Bear Original Mattress

This offering by Bear is a memory foam mattress with a medium firmness rating. Its graphite-gel foam is notable for its ability to absorb heat from the body. Furthermore, the open-cell structure in the three foam layers allows for greater ventilation than other memory foam mattresses. In addition, Bear's exclusive Celliant cover is intended to promote better sleep.

Bear Hybrid Mattress

This one incorporates memory foam and innerspring coils. It is the softest of all Bear's mattresses, with the most extraordinary bounce owing to the coils. People suffering from back discomfort or seeking pressure relief can benefit from the coil system and cooling-gel foam mixture.

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Ever read a bear hybrid mattress review? If not, this review will help make your decision easier. If you are looking for a comfortable yet sturdy mattress for a night of sound sleep, you should buy the Bear Original Mattress to treat your body. Its heat-absorbant technology will help you sleep most comfortably. On the other hand, the Bear mattress warranty is another reason to invest in something a little pricey.


What is the best Bear mattress?

Bear Hybrid Mattress is the best among other Bear mattresses as it is the softest of all and has a combination of innerspring coils and memory foam.

How long does a Bear mattress last?

A Bear mattress can last up to 10 years to 25 years.

What is the average price of a Bear mattress?

The average price of a Bear mattress is $900, depending on the size of the mattress you are opting to buy.

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