Aireloom Mattress Review

Aireloom Mattress Review.

Aireloom is a California-based manufacturer of high-quality mattresses that have been in operation for over 80 years. It's an excellent option given its sturdy construction and status as a luxury mattress. Aireloom mattresses also make for perfect heavy sleepers due to their latex comfort layers and micro coils.

The mattress has six distinct versions. On the other hand, some models have shown sagging problems in Aireloom mattress reviews. The beds are also more expensive than the others. In this post, we'll take a closer look at the Aireloom mattress, including its construction and design, the advantages of utilizing it, pricing information, and available versions. The table below will guide you through the article.

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Construction And Design Of Aireloom Mattress

Although the manufacturer does not disclose the thickness of each layer, they have provided information on the materials employed. Only foam, latex, and coils use to construct Aireloom mattresses. The top layer is a 100% rayon fabric featuring silk, Joma wool, and cashmere. It makes the mattress breathable. Latex is a better choice than memory foam because it has superior supporting layers that provide the comfort and luxury that any individual would desire. They make the top layer using Luxury Firm Talalay latex, a breathable and durable mattress. This layer also promotes circulation by keeping you more relaxed.

They make Aireloom mattresses using zoned pocketed micro-coils, which track motion transfer and offer additional strength beneath the latex layer. They also apply a layer of Plush Airelux to the springs, which has increased their support. The final coil zone is a nested system with 16/15/16-gauge coils.

Benefits Of Using Aireloom Mattress

Mattresses manufactured by Aireloom have several benefits, as outlined below:

  • Durability: The bed is a top-tier product with thick layers of natural and high-quality materials, according to Aireloom hybrid mattress review. It's also subjected to excellent craftsmanship, ensuring that the mattress is small but robust. Additionally, the pocketed springs are firm and preserve the bed in good form, enhancing longevity.
  • Comfort and luxury: You'll be astonished at how much more pleasant your new bed is the first time you sleep in it. The foam and latex used on the top mattress layers have made a significant difference. The springs also provide comfort because you sink into the mattress while feeling cradled. As a consequence of this, Aireloom's popularity and ratings.
  • Pressure relief: The Aireloom hybrid mattress is a two-in-one solution for reducing pressure pain in two ways. The soft layer at the top gives you a sense of sinking, cushioning your pressure points. The latex layers also provide body contouring support. The firmness of the bed is adequate.
  • Cooling: The mattress is composed of three distinct layers, each with its features. The top layer, for example, is a softer latex that allows for excellent air circulation throughout the bed. Furthermore, because the structure prevents trapped body heat from accumulating on the bed and allows air to flow in, you will be excellent all night long.

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Average Prices And Sizing Of Aireloom Mattress

The price of an Aireloom mattress is somewhat more significant than that of other bedding manufacturers. The cost of the Aireloom mattress is determined by the kind and size of the mattress you select Aireloom mattress is a combination of organic cotton, polyester, and memory foam. The cover is an artificial fabric that feels much more like linen than other popular covers (wool or silk). On average, the cost of Aireloom mattresses ranges from $2,000 to $20,000. Below is a table that outlines the different mattress sizes:

Type Size
Twin 38w x 74l x 12h
Twin XL 38w x 80l x 12h
Full 54w x 74l x 12h
Queen 60w x 80l x 12h (830 coils)
East King 76w x 80l x 12h (992 coils)
Cal King 72w x 84l x 12h (992 coils)

Aireloom Mattress Models Available

Aireloom makes six different types of mattresses. The following summarizes the various models, their materials, and other distinctions.

Aireloom Karpen Natural

The Aireloom mattresses on the left feature Belgian Jacquard Demask fabric with SeaCell, natural fibers (wool/cashmere), nature latex, and individually wrapped coils. This collection, which consists of wool and alpaca, delivers a softer touch to the mattress. There are six distinct types in this group. The mattress's natural and handcrafted components add to its strength and longevity. You may select from various options, and each model offers unrivaled pressure alleviation to ensure that you wake up every morning revitalized and revived.

Aireloom Karpen Luxury

The mattress is the work of King Karpen, who is credited with inventing the first handcrafted luxury bed. It contains a variety of five mattresses constructed with plush HD foam, Talalay latex layer, and zoned micro coils. One of the fascinating aspects of this model is its inclusion of several firmness levels in responsive latex layers. For a fantastic sleeping experience, the Karpen Luxury collection mixes Hollywood glimmer with cutting-edge technology.

Aireloom Adapt/React

It is an intelligent mattress with an NG Aireflow core controlled by a smartphone or tablet and has only one option. The top layer is gel-infused visco foam, silk/wool fibers, slow recovery visco foam, and NG Aireflow Core. The Aireloom Adapt mattress is designed to analyze your sleeping habits and adapt them to match your preferences.

Aireloom Preferred

The Preferred is constructed with Tencel and Phase Change material quilted covers, Aireluxe foam, M1 or M2 Micro Coils, tempered coils based on feel. It has been built with patented Aireloom Lift, and its recent upgrade has two different selections with discrete firmness options. The first selection is the streamline which offers extra firm, firm, luxury firm, and plush profiles. This option has Aireluxe foam and slow recovery visco foam. The other selection is the Luxetop which has microcoils and a luxury firm.

Aireloom Pacific Palisades

This choice has four mattress choices: Coronata, Sabal, Armata, and Phoenix. There are a variety of firmness levels, from extra-firm to soft and with Tencel covers and a high-density foam encapsulation that adds support to the edges. California's simplicity and elegance inspire its design. It's made of Tencel linen, silk/wool stitching, Memory foam, and Aireluxe foams. These mattresses are more cost-effective, streamlined, and balanced than previous versions.

Aireloom Aspire Hybrid

This mattress is made with high-quality foams and exceptional coils. It also includes Luma SilverTech Cool Memory Foam, the newest and most innovative feature of which is to help with cooling. The Top Hybrid is the most comfortable hybrid from Aspire to date, and it's constructed of pocket coils, Tencel covers, Cooling memory foam, and Airelux foams.

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The Aireloom mattress review 2022 reports that this mattress is a popular sleeping surface for most people due to its top-notch construction and use of high-quality materials.

It's a breathable mattress with unrivaled levels of luxury and comfort. The plush and latex layers provide pressure-relieving features for a revitalized and energetic start. Nonetheless, some Aireloom mattress reviews indicate that specific models may observe sagging. In addition, Aireloom mattresses' pricing is more expensive than other brands on the market.


Where to buy an Aireloom mattress?

Aireloom mattresses may be purchased from Bloomingdales and Macy's and numerous other retailers or on the internet. Skilled artisans make them with high-quality materials to guarantee that you get your money's worth.

What are the sizes of Aireloom mattresses available?

Aireloom mattress comes in various sizes to fit a wide range of sleepers. Twin, Twin XL, full, queen, Eastern King, and Cal King are the options.

What is the average price of an Aireloom mattress?

The price of the Aireloom mattress is determined by a variety of elements, including type and size. The typical cost of beds ranges from $2,000 to $20,000.

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