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Best Air Mattresses.

Even if you need it just for a couple of days, the best air mattress is highly crucial for good quality sleep. Whether you are in a semi-permanent living space, hosting a sleepover or you are camping outdoors, a top-notch quality air mattress, particularly one that does not rip your bank account open, is an ideal choice. If you are in search of a convenient and comfortable experience, you will need a good air mattress that is easy to set up, doesn’t leak air in your sleep, and is compact to store and carry around.

Our incredibly experienced team of experts has done all the work for you, testing the best self-inflating air mattress options for overnight leakage, dexterity, quality and puncture resistance. In addition to this, we had actual consumers set the most comfortable air mattress options up and lie on them to test their comfort and ease of use. All the picks in our air mattress reviews are on the list based on their amazing test performance, rave user reviews as well as unique features. Read on to find out more about shopping tips, buying guides, and considerations to make in case you suffer from allergies or restlessness as a result of backaches and other complications. To get you started, here is a table with our top choice for the best air mattress for everyday use.

What is an Air Mattress?

Also known as a blow-up bed or an airbed, an air mattress is a self-inflating mattress that is usually made up of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). Other materials that can be used to make an airbed include plastic, rubber, or urethane that is textile reinforced. In its deflated form, the best air mattresses can be easily compacted and stored or carried in a small form. To get them set up, you only need to blow air into a valve either manually or by use of an electric pump. Other variants only require the user to open the valve and they will self-inflate up to given pressure levels. If the air is not enough, the user can then blow in additional air into the valve manually or electrically. Queen size air mattress or king size air mattress options have multi-purpose uses including outdoor camping, temporary home use, or when hosting guests in a limited space setting. Better still, full size air mattress options come in various shapes and sizes, allowing them to fit into multiple spaces, including wheel cut-outs that can fit in your pickup trucks’ cargo area.

Comfortable Air Mattress.

Main benefits

Back Pain Relief

While inflatable mattresses are not the number one recommended solution for back pain issues, they still do come in handy as temporary options. Most comfortable air mattress products have the option to adjust firmness; this is an added advantage especially to individuals who suffer from back pains and other joint aches. At times, your bed can feel a bit too soft. With an air bed, however, you can adjust the firmness by simply pressing a button to pump in some more air. This grants you pressure relief and better body contouring. If your bed feels too firm, you can adjust this by a simple deflation act.

Custom Firmness

One of the greatest advantages of an airbed is the fact that it allows custom firmness. The fact that you can either increase or decrease the firmness level will make it impeccable for multiple users. Any guest you host will be able to adjust the bed’s softness to levels that are ideal for them. It acts as a perfect option ideal for any type of sleeper, seeing as anyone can add air for a firmer finish or deflate it for a plusher feel. Seeing as everyone has their kind of sleep preference, the best air mattress for guests is something that you should consider having.


Given their PVC material finish, single air mattress or double air mattress choices do not have those foul off-gassing stenches that are common to other types of mattresses, especially when they are new. As such, you are sorted in case you are the kind of sleeper that is sensitive to funny odors.

Air Mattress In Room.

Ideal for Bed-sharing

When it comes to matters firmness, twin air mattress and air mattress sizes that are a size above come with 2 separate chambers. This way, you can have one side as soft and the other as firm depending on the preference of your partner. This way, each party gets to sleep as comfortably as possible, with no disputes regarding firmness levels.

Little to no sags

Sagging refers to the bed’s surface giving away after a period of usage, creating some depression-like effect where a sleeper lies down. With sagging, comes thoughts of a mattress replacement. Most conventional memory foam mattresses will give in to pressure after years of usage. However, an air bed with a pump eliminates this issue. When sagging happens, you are only required to pump in some more air for increased inflation.

How long will My Air Mattress Last?

A heavy-duty air mattress will outdo any foam, innerspring, or latex version given the hard-wearing PVC materials they are made of. While conventional mattresses last for an average of seven to ten years, the best full size air mattress can comfortably last for up to 15 years! More often, double high air mattresses, especially those with built-in pumps, have even better longevity. The only thing that could let you down is the pump; but these are replaceable at low prizes.

King Size Air Mattress


If you are thinking of having guests over and space for a regular bed is an issue, fret not; an air mattress is just the thing you need. While they are not the last resort per say, these options can be practical enough. Not only are they ideal as sleeping spaces for guests, but a durable air mattress can be used when you are camping or even double up as a great truck bed for you to sleep under the stars. Featuring more than 10,000 searches on Amazon and other online retailers, this is truly a crowded product category. However, our top picks above will make your search easier, giving you the most ideal solutions to consider.


Are air beds good for my sleep?

A small air mattress can make quite a comfortable semi-permanent solution if you recently moved to a new house or if you have guests coming over regularly. The beauty with them is that they too can feature queen size air mattress dimensions, offering the surface area and height of a regular bed, which means that you can use the usual sheets on them. The fact that they can be deflated for easy storage is another advantage. Deluxe air mattresses are quite comfortable especially for side sleepers and individuals with back pain.

What is the best air mattress for side sleepers?

The two main concerns for side sleepers are enough cushioning for back support and proper neck support. An air mattress with a headboard would come in handy for extra support. The most ideal choice, however, is an option with adjustable pressure levels; too soft an option could lead to the development of bad sleeping postures while too firm a raised air mattress could lead to sore pressure points.

What is the best air mattress for sleepers with back pain?

In case you suffer from back pains, be sure to get an air mattress with a frame as it offers more control over the firmness level. Better yet, look for one with a coil-beam kind of construction as it comes with better spinal alignment. Other models that have a flocked top and more puncture-resistant PVC materials; such offer both comfort and durability.

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