Bets Air Mattress for Camping

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Are you thinking of getting an air mattress for camping and do not know what to look for?

Camping is fun. However, it could get uncomfortable sleeping on a mat or pad. Most times, you could wake up with backaches or joint pain.

Sleeping pads are suboptimal for certain sleeping positions and if you’re bigger than regular, getting an ideal fit could be challenging. Air mattresses fix this with their ease of use, lightweight, and variety as they come in different shapes and sizes, yet cost so little.

If you’ve ever used an air mattress, you would know they are comfortable, but buying a low-quality air mattress can be quite unpleasant. So you need to get the best air mattresses that you can find.

We've created this review to enlighten you on the qualities of a good air mattress for camping.

What Is an Air Mattress?

Mattress in a tent.

Air mattresses, also known as “blow-up mattresses” or “air beds”, are a particular type of mattress that gains buoyancy when pumped with air. They're made from synthetic materials like urethane, rubber, and plastic.

They inflate air mattresses using electric or manual pumps to blow into a valve. Some others auto inflate.

Air mattresses are unlike every other mattress in that they save space and cost. Think of it as an emergency mattress that you can easily inflate if you have an extra visitor if you need to go camping, or want to sleep on the front porch. They also come in several shapes and sizes to fit particular needs, e.g., air mattresses for pickup trucks have wheel cutouts, so they fit perfectly.

What To Look Out for When Buying an Air Mattress for Camping?

  • Size and Dimension: Consider the size of your tent and purchase an air mattress that fits into it. The ideal air mattress should be comfortable for your size, and it should allow space to move around in your tent. This is also true for the mattress height. You can choose between a low profile (7-10inches mattress), or a raised mattress (16-22inches). Air mattresses are available in the following dimensions:
    • Single Dimensions — 36” W x 74” L
    • Double Dimensions — 54” W x 74” L
    • Full Dimensions — 54” W x 74” L
    • Twin Dimensions — 38” W x 74” L
    • Queen Dimensions — 60” W x 80” L
  • Price: Air mattresses are relatively cheap: they do not cost as much as other types of mattresses. You can get a queen-sized air mattress for as little as $30 or as much as hundreds of dollars. The price tag of any air mattress depends on the quality and the features. It is important to know that air mattresses from known brands will cost more than generic air mattresses. This doesn’t mean that generic air mattresses are of inferior quality. Some air mattresses come with added features, like air pressure monitors, automatic pumps, etc. such mattresses will cost more.
  • Pump option: When buying an air mattress, it is important to consider the pump option. Air mattresses come with either an external pump or an internal pump. Whichever you decide to choose, you need to consider their pros and cons. Air mattresses with external pumps are cheaper, they are easy to replace, and you can choose just how much pressure you want in your mattress. However, using manual pumps can be arduous and electric pumps are easy to lose. Although you can use an electric pump to reduce the stress of pumping. If you choose to buy one with an internal pump, invest more money into it. It is also difficult to replace if you have a problem with your pump. It is, however, easy to pump.

Types Of Air Mattress

Camping tent view.
  1. Edge Support: It is important to check for edge support, especially if you move around a lot while sleeping or if you have a toddler. Edge support means safety, and safety is a prerequisite when getting a mattress.
  2. Reviews: Consider what other customers are saying about the particular product. Remember that those customers are just like you, and whatever they think about a particular product is significant to you. If most customers think it is an inferior product, then it could be. We advise you to buy products with over 4-star ratings and with at least over a hundred reviews.
  3. Advantages of using an Air Mattress for camping: Air mattresses are helpful mainly because of their size and weight. They also have other benefits, including ease of maintenance, affordability, comfort, and durability.

How Long Will an Air Mattress Last?

How long an air mattress will last relies on a few factors, mainly: use, quality of build material, and maintenance. Generally, air mattresses last for eight years or more.


The market is saturated with various air mattresses for camping, hence; it is important you get a mattress that suits your specific needs. Car Camping Mattresses represent the ideal option for car campers, while a camping cot is suitable for couples or plus-sized people. The right air mattress will guarantee a comfortable sleep and a fantastic camping experience. It is essential to consider what matters most: size, comfort, weight, durability, or mobility? Understanding this is key in making purchase decisions!


Is Air Mattress for Camping good for your sleep?

Research has shown that some mattresses can improve sleep quality and back positioning. But this happens rarely; it is advisable only to use air mattresses when the need arises. Air mattresses are NOT replacements for regular mattresses.

What is the Best Air Mattress for Camping for couples?

There are a few options of air mattresses for couples on the market, but a Camping Cot stands out the most. It is large, comfortable, and can hold the weight of adults. It also has iron frames that provide elevation.

What is the best Air Mattress for car camping?

Quite simply, a Car Camping Mattress! They are built to fit into virtually any car you take camping. It is between 18 and 20 cm thick, so we are sure it will guarantee a good night's sleep. Car camping mattresses fit into any car, some come with wheel cutouts to fit perfectly at the back of trucks and pick-up vans. Also, most come with an electric pump that can be used in any vehicle.

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